K9 Unit Special Operations

Certified & Government Authorized K9  –  Special Security Solutions Company


K9 Unitss ApS is a solid and stable security solution, no task is too big or too small.

Our roster is not traditional, we don't get hung up on titles, everyone is equal and we lift as a group. Everyone is trained in accordance with the Duty Act and we have a strong focus on professionalism and service.

In addition to our guards, we have top-trained guard dogs. We have dogs for any task, such as patrol dogs, defense dogs, VIP dogs and of course our drugs- and explosives dogs.

All employees have a superstructure for their guard training, this means that they have a specific dog handler training including first aid for working dogs. We regularly refresh our personal first aid and self-defense courses so that we are always up-to-date.

K9 Unitss ApS has an agreement with respectively Danish Industry and 3F